Grip for safety handles, rails and sport uses.


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Protection Without Pollution™

EZ No Slip™ Grip safe eco-friendly coating is great on anything!

Winner of Retailers’ Choice Award at the 2023 National Hardware Show


Most outstanding and innovative product

Kit includes non-slip coating, brush and instructions

The world’s most safe and easy to apply non-slip solution available for consumer use

  • Safe
  • No fumes or odors
  • Applies in minutes
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Invisibile finish
  • Will not discolor  crack or peel
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Works on all objects and surfaces
  • Hand rails
  • Safety bars and handles
  • Pool step & ladder rails 
  • Ladders, tool handles
  • Glog club grips
  • Tennis raquet grips
  • Pickleball grips
  • Oars and fishing poles

Look how easy it is to apply…

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Facts Matter

According to OSHA Regulatory Safety Standards For Acute toxicity - Inhalation (Vapors)

OSHA Hazard Communication Standard; 29 CFR Part 1910.1200



Category 5

EZ No Slip

Category 0

OSHA Hazard Category Classification

Applying EZ No Slip coating to any throw rug, mat or carpet that you want to be anti-slip is as easy as….

What our customers are saying…

Bernadette V. (76)
Bernadette V. (76)
(Santa Fe, NM)
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“My neighbor put this coating on a hand rail near our shower because it was hard to hang on to particularly when it was wet. My husband has fallen a couple of times trying to get out of the shower. It looked really easy to put on and now there is no slippage at all – dry or wet. Really impressive!”
Mario R. (42)
Mario R. (42)
(Denver, CO)
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“One of my roofing employees told me about this product. We tried it on a couple ladders and some tool handles. Wow!! It works. And very easy to brush on. We’re putting it on all our ladders and tool handles as safety is super important in my business.”
Monica S. (38)
Monica S. (38)
(Los Angeles, CA)
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“I teach tennis and play in a lot of tournaments. I’ve tried a lot of different grip wraps and some work ok. But when it’s hot out, my hand sweats and I have to towel off my racquet grip sometimes during a game. I tried EZ No Slip with two coats on my grip and it’s amazing! It grips even when my hand is sweaty. I’m sold!

Visually undetectable and will not change the look of the object you put it on

Just a few examples that you can use EZ No Slip on. Use it on anything that you want to have a good grip on for enjoyment or the safety of your loved ones, employees and of course yourself.

Watch! Apply EZ No Slip™ Grip to your step ladders!

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This eco-friendly safe grip coating can be applied to almost anything that you want to have a good grip on when handling it.

It only takes a few minutes to get a grip on any object while making the world a better, safer and cleaner place for us all!

Protection Without Pollution!


Kit includes non-slip coating, brush and instructions

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